By diversifying our services, we have streamlined the building process.


With our decades of experience, we, at Trim-Tech Inc. have discovered that by self-performing all concrete, framing and structural steel erection, we are able to eliminate any potential issues that may arise between these key trades. This allows for a more fluid and efficient method of construction.

Whether you utilize Trim-Tech to build your dream home, remodel your existing home or simply require one of our various specialty trades, you can rest assured that we will be an asset to your project.


General Construction

At Trim-Tech Inc. we realize that the design and build of a custom home requires a commitment to quality, efficiency, cost management, as well as the understanding that we are not just building a house, but a home for you and your family. This philosophy is not only held by Trim-Tech but by all of our sub-contractors as well.

The hands on approach to building applied by Jim Gonzalez, stems from the 30 years of experience as a finish carpenter. The level of quality associated with finish carpentry directly translates into the quality of the concrete and framing as well as the fit and finish of the entire project.

At Trim-Tech Inc. we self-perform all concrete, framing, structural steel erection, and finish carpentry. In doing so, we insure that the efficiency and continuity between the separate trades is held at the highest level of quality. By diversifying our services, we have streamlined the building process.

We will work side by side with your architect and engineer to assist in the design, which will ensure that there will be no surprises during the construction process. In addition we will prepare a cost per plans and specifications, and if need be, explore the alternative of value engineering in order to reduce costs. If you do not have an architect we offer a design/build service with Jim Gelfat of Equinox Architecture.

Construction Phase
Depending upon the project size, either a full time or a part time superintendent will be appointed to supervise the project from beginning to completion. Weekly project meetings will be held which will give the client the opportunity to meet with the sub-contractors and personally follow the construction process.

Post Construction
We know that building and owning a new home is a considerable personal investment and we like to make sure the experience is positive from the beginning completion. A walk through shall be scheduled with the home owner to make sure we address any maintenance items before the initial move in. A complete list of sub-contractors and vendors along with the original product submittals and corresponding warranty information will be provided.

Concrete & Framing

We specialize in residential concrete and framing.

concrete and framing

Finish Carpentry

Commercial Finish carpentry
Trim-Tech Inc. specializes in multi-unit apartment buildings, large commercial buildings and institutional buildings. We handle the supply and installation of hollow metal and wood fire rated doors, along with their frames and hardware. We also handle the interior casework and production the shelves and pole. 

Custom Finish Carpentry
Trim-Tech Inc. also specializes in fine finish carpentry. We handle the supply and installation of the exterior doors and windows as well as the installation of multi-slide exterior pocket doors. We also handle all of the interior casework, raised panel wall and ceiling treatments and crown molding.

If it’s made of wood we can do it. 

Exterior siding
When it comes to exterior siding, we specialize in everything from traditional siding to the most advanced rain screen systems.

High Security Lock Systems

After taking an 8 hour course on being taught how to install the LKM, 7000 Trim-Tech Inc is now completely certified to install all Lock One and LKM series locks. LKM series locks provide high levels of security and safety. This series of locks are used in areas of heightened levels of security, such as the Aerospace industry. The LKM 7000 Series is a pedestrian door/dead bolt lock that is a single motion exit, with the highest level of security. A LKM 7000 Series Lock needs to be installed by trained professionals who have been properly educated on all aspects of the LKM 7000 Series lock, door and frame.

Mission Statement

Trim-Tech Inc policy is to institute an environment of quality, integrity and safety in the workplace. It is the goal of our company to maintain constant repeat business and referrals from our customers through satisfaction, attention to detail, professionalism, job completion and offering the most competitive prices. Trim-Tech Inc promotes growth, new ideas and innovation in both the residential and commercial aspects of the construction industry. With a team of determined, motivated, and well-rounded individuals Trim-Tech Inc is the premier company for any task.